Mari Seder

Juanita Velasquez Cruz 1890-1902, digital photograph, 2010,14" x 20"

Cemetery Photography - Landscape, Still Life, and Narrative
Friday, October 4
10AM - 4PM

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Mari Seder is an American woman who has been inspired by Oaxaca over the years and decided to live here, at least part of the year. She has been a professional photographer and painter for over 40 years, after having studied art at University. Now she primarily focuses on photography and collage, sometimes using her photographs, or part of them, in her collages.

Mari also gives workshops in photography, collage and painting in Oaxaca with fellow artist and friend, Humberto Bastista. She is an Instructor and Lecturer at Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she lives part of the year. Mari has also had photographs appear in magazines such as Vanity Fair.

Through her travels Mari kept returning to Cuba and to Mexico and altars started to become one of her favorite subjects. She has published a beautiful book entitled "Cuba - Time Suspended", full of compelling and interesting photographs of Cuba using a very unusual medium, Polaroid transfers. When asked why she chose this medium with which to photograph Cuba, she explains that the Polaroid gives a certain look to the photo and it's that look that she feels best captures her Cuban subjects. There is only one disadvantage to using Polaroid transfers and that is the small size, but that serves to draw the observer in for a closer look.

Major Accomplishments

Seder’s work is featured internationally and throughout the United States including numerous solo exhibits in Oaxaca, Mexico, New York City, and Worcester, MA.

She earned a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Her thesis, “Painting With A Glass Eye: Use of the Photograph in Painting” was published in 1984.

The Worcester Art Museum awarded Seder the Frances A. Kinnicutt Travel Award in 2009.

In 2005, she won Best Photograph in the Arts Worcester Biennial.